Examples of AR marketing that will inspire you

The term Augmented Reality (AR) has become more widely used in advertising and marketing nowadays. It is also predicted to be one of the hottest trends in digital marketing this year. So, what AR really is? And how can it help businesses reach a whole new level of customer experience?

According to Techopedia, AR is a type of interactive, reality-based display environment that takes the capabilities of computer generated display, sound, text and effects to enhance the user’s real-world experience. A bit abstract? Let’s have a look at the 5 most inspiring AR marketing examples to see how it can be implemented into marketing mix.

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How AI is revolutionalising Digital Marketing

When talking about AI in Digital Marketing, most people would think about RankBrain, a machine learning Google has been using to understand keywords and measure searchers’ satisfaction.

However, the potential of AI in Digital Marketing is beyond that. Today’s article will name two examples of how marketers can incorporate AI technology into their strategies.

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Yandex Metrica: A Google Analytics alternative?

When talking about web analytics tools, most people would probably think of the giant Google Analytics. In fact, there are numerous options out there that are available for free or at low costs. One of which is Yandex Metrica, a free web analytics tool that has received lots of praises from marketers and SEO specialists.

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Podcasting is making a comeback?

What’s old is new again in marketing. In many countries, 2017 was considered a breakout year for podcasts. Nearly 68 million America listen to podcasts on a monthly basis, according to Entrepreneur.Ā  In Australia, the ABC Podcast Research 2017 found that over half of Australians aged 18-75 claimed to have tried listening to podcasts.

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GIF marketing – Why not?

As direct as image but much more fun.

As engaging as video but way less time-consuming (and a lot cheaper).

What is that brilliantĀ content format? Yes, you’re right. It’s GIF!

GIF is really nothing new but it has become more popular than ever. You see memes, animals, celeb and politicians moments GIF floating around all over the social media. But it doesn’t mean that GIF can only be used for entertainment purposes.

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Visit Norway case study: Why User Experience is not just a buzzword

Before discussing today’s topic, I want to tell you a story of my friend Amelie. I met Amelie when I was studying exchange in Aarhus, Denmark. She loves traveling, whenever she has a break from school she always takes her backpack and goes traveling around Europe. LastĀ November, when we had a one-week break, she went online to find some inspiration for places to visit. She thenĀ encountered a search result for Visit Norway. It wasn’t what she had on her mind at the time because Norway is too close, too expensive, and it’s just as cold as Denmark, but she clicked on the link anyway. After spending half an hour on their website (yes, half an hour!), she told me who was sitting next to her in the library ‘I’m going to Norway!’ in excitement.

I was so impressed ‘Wow! How did they do that?’. Then out of curiosity, I visited the website and found the answer: they manage to create an excellent User Experience (UX).Read More »

Video Bandwagon: Jump on or not?

With Linkedin has finally introduced video for sponsored content, we can see that video marketing isn’t losing its momentum in 2018. In fact, it is predicted to keep going strong for the next couple of years. According to Cisco, by 2021 82% of Internet traffic will be video.Ā  A really impressive number!

Online video has taken the content and digital marketing world by storm over the past few years, according to the statistics shared by Hubspot. It has proved to marketersĀ that it’s a very powerful and effective tool to communicate your brand story, value, and build relationships with customers. So now the question is: Should all businesses jump on the video bandwagon?Ā 

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Google Analytics – Where to start?

You want to learn about Google Analytics by yourself but have no idea where to start? TheĀ huge amount of information about this tool available online makes you feel totally lost and confused?

I absolutely understand if you face this problem because I do too. So I decided to write about my experience of learning Google Analytics for Digital Marketing to give any of you who is interested in learning it at home an idea where to start and what to do.

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